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The most pro-liberty game I’ve ever played!
Mateus Venâncio @ 20 Nov 23, 10:19

I always loved video games, since when I won a Super Nintendo when I was a kid. One of my favourite genre is tycoon or anything similar, where you have to manage something like a city in Cities Skyline, for example.

I remember when I found Stardew Valley some years ago and went addicted since my first gameplay. I loved the simple mechanics and the many chooses the game give me. I loved the pixel art and the vibrant color. And obviously I loved premise of the game. I think Stardew Valley don’t need any apresentation, since it’s a very known game, but it’s about a farm in a very small town. You have your farm, you work on it, you sell your crops and expand your farm.

Just like so many thing nowadays, the game have that “anti capitalist” (yeah, between so many quotes) idea. And that’s where I desagree with it. It’s the most capitalist game I’ve ever played. And I loved it! “But the author said this and that”. Yes, he did. But whatever, I just want to show my points where I think Stardew Valley is a pro-liberty game.

My first point is: private property. You work on your property. Even if it was abandoned, people respected and didn’t touched it until you arrive. And that’s one of the most fundamental principles of capitalism. Everyone in town seems to respect it, even the player. You can’t enter other people room without permission. Only if you’re their friend. “But you can enter their houses without asking!” Yes you can. Most of the shops are in their houses. Also you can’t do that after or before a specific time of the day.

Second thing is the politicians and the private initiative. Politicians don’t seem to do anything. The mayor just walk around talking with people. Sometimes we have some dialogs where he says he’s collecting taxes. But you don’t pay taxes. And it seems he rathers made a gold statue of himself than fix the community center. Also you have to fix the community center. And Pam’s trailer. And take out the trash out the water. And kill slimes in the cave. And so many other things a government should do. Also the governor comes to town once a year to eat soup. And do freaking nothing. Also you seem to have That leads me to one think I believe: people helps people. Not politicians.

Another point I want to point is Joja Mart. One of the most “anti-capitalist” (again, between quotes) vibe in the game is because of Joja. Big companies is about corporativism, not capitalism. Please let’s separate things. Capitalism is about choice. You have the choice to kick those sons of b*tches out of town and choose a more ethical way to get your resources.

Diversity is a great topic on this game. Totally LGBT friendly, as I also am. The fact you can mary same sex people, customize your character regardless the gender and everyone in town respect it, is what I see as a good healthy society.

And that’s it, i guess. Hope you enjoy!

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